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Prayer Request from “Just Pray NO!” President Steven Sherman

On September 19th, 2022, I was t-boned by a truck and my car was totaled. I was fortunate enough to come away only with a laceration on my head from the accident. However, in the process of getting a CAT scan to check for internal injuries, doctors discovered a 3.3 cm mass in my right lung.

After a few more tests and a biopsy, doctors discovered that I had adenocarcinoma, a cancer with presence around my lungs and heart.

The cancer already had reached stage 3.

If not for the accident, I would not have known as I had not had any symptoms yet.

While I am thankful that the cancer was caught, I now face a difficult road ahead of having to go through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, a process that can take 7-8 weeks with a serious toll on my health.

I am in good shape otherwise as I have always eaten healthy, exercised, and stayed away from activities that would worsen my health.

That said, the difficulties being faced are not easy, especially with not having a car and being unable to drive.

Today, Friday November 4th, I had my first procedure in preparation for the chemotherapy treatment at Florida’s Mease Countryside Hospital

Doctors placed a surgical port under the skin of my left chest so I may receive medication without having to create multiple holes for injection.

The procedure took a few hours and went successfully without any complications.

I also heard back from the doctors who took my MRI scan that there is no cancer in my brain, a huge relief. They said that the cancer has a much higher chance of successful treatment as it is localized to my chest.

I am now preparing for my daily radiation treatments and am waiting to hear back for when the chemo element will officially begin.

If you find it in your heart, I appreciate anything you can do to help me cover my costs in getting treatment, transport, and bridging for any insurance gaps.

I am retired and on a fixed income, so every little bit helps with this extraordinary situation.

Thank you so much for showing me love as Christ does.

God bless you, Steven Sherman

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