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How to Foster Peace of Mind in Your Daily Life

It’s all too easy to get lost in the stress that occurs throughout the day. That’s why it’s important to find inner peace and let go of any negativity that might arise. Meditation and prayer are daily practices that will bring peace into your life. For an event to look forward to – mark your calendar to participate in the intercessory prayer and fast on behalf of the world’s addicted and their families on April 15-16, 2023.

Courtesy of Just Pray No, here are some effective ways to bring harmony into your everyday life. 

Make Your Home Your Happy Place

A peaceful routine starts at home. It’s where your day begins and ends, regardless of what happens in between. You can foster a relaxing home environment in many ways, including changing the lighting, using pleasant scents, filling your space with more plants and flowers, or adding a pop of color to your living room.

Also, take inventory of what’s already in your home — is there a painting you’re not that fond of or a piece of furniture you’d get rid of in a heartbeat? It might be time for an upgrade. Even putting up some holiday decorations might do the trick. You’re the one spending time in your home, so make it your own. You deserve your oasis.

Look Forward to Something

When was the last time you changed up your routine? Simple actions like attending a concert, going on a self-guided walking tour, or learning a new artform can bring spark to otherwise dull days. Ramp up the good feels even more by doing something outside of yourself. Consider a volunteer project or spending time with a lonely senior in a nursing home.

Sometimes the problem isn’t with your downtime, but with the way you make a living. If you feel your work life has stalled out or if you spend too many hours every week doing something that doesn’t feel useful or important, you may want to switch careers, and you may want to try teaching. If you already have a degree, you can become teacher-certified in your field with a Master’s Degree in Education by taking classes online. Move up while helping students.

Spend Time Outside

There’s no dispute that spending time outdoors has a number of health benefits. Between the improved memory and lessened stress, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make a daily habit of spending time in nature. These are also great places to walk barefoot in nature, also known as grounding, which has many positive effects on mental and physical health. There’s nothing like a barefoot walk in fresh grass to jolt you out of stress and back into nature.

Be Kind to Yourself

Self-criticism is all too common in today’s world and is often a catalyst for more negative thoughts. However, making a conscious effort to embrace all of who you are — the good, the bad, and the ugly — and being nice to yourself can actually make you a better person. Let go of perfectionism and peace will follow. Make it a point to steer clear of negative self-talk, for instance. Phrases like, “I wish I were better at,” or “I’m too fat,” can be very damaging to your outlook on life.

Instead of focusing on your perceived shortcomings, keep your eyes on being a friend to yourself. Speak to your heart the way you would talk to a friend, offering support, kindness, and compassion.

The Best Is Yet to Come

By reading this article, you’re already taking a step in the right direction. Simple lifestyle actions like finding things that you look forward to and spending some time in nature can be surprisingly beneficial and help you to foster peace. Follow the advice that feels right to you, trust your gut, and you’ll be on your way to a more harmonious life.

Article Submitted by Dylan Wallace

The Great Outdoors

Why an Outside Hobby Can Help with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Millions of Americans suffer from a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and addiction. For many seeking a healthier lifestyle, it helps to adopt a hobby to replace destructive behaviors. That might include prayer, anti-depression meds, and ramping up your physical activity.

Healthy pursuits instigate eustress, the kind of stress that makes us feel happy, motivated, and vital. Depending on the hobby, there is likely a chance you’ll develop a sense of community with others who share your interests. Furthermore, hobbies are good for your physical health and promote mindfulness, release stress, and provide us with goals and the motivation to achieve them.

Today, Just Pray NO offers some insight into finding the ideal outdoor hobby to lower your stress and improve your life.

Thinking “Outside” the Box

While there are no “right” hobbies for people trying to overcome mental health issues, those who love a breath of fresh air would do good to consider something that involves the great outdoors. Believe it or not, spending time in nature can be very healing throughout the recovery process. Fresh air and sunlight are good for the body and mind. Generally when we are outside we are also more active, releasing feel-good endorphins and neurotransmitters for an overall better state-of-mind.

And the benefits go beyond helping your body heal after the damage of addiction. Spending time outdoors improves cognitive function, including short-term memory, problem-solving and creativity. Even just looking at photos of nature can help people. According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, participants who viewed images of nature scored higher on an attention test than those who viewed pictures of other scenes.

How to Spend More Time in the Great Outdoors

If you are unsure about what kind of outdoor hobbies may appeal to you, there’s no harm in giving anything that sounds good a trial run and just seeing what sticks. While there’s no overstating the importance of goals in one’s life, there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with just going with the flow and enjoying the journey with no discernable destination in sight. Have a standing picnic date with a loved one where you each bring a healthy, outdoor-friendly dish. Commit to taking your dog on more walks and explore different neighborhoods in your town. Do whatever you want to experience this beautiful world and establish grounding while also connecting to the wider world beyond us.

While you should consider a variety of activities that you think you may enjoy, also include some new things that challenge, excite, or even scare you. When you do things that scare you, you help reverse unwelcome neurological patterns. So for every time you make an effort to relax and spend leisure time outdoors, make it a priority to also do something new. Join a co-worker or friend who is into rock climbing on their next expedition. Go on a multi-day camping trip where you hike through a state park. Learn something new and add on amazing mental advantages to the physical and emotional benefits of spending time outdoors.

You can also extend your time outdoors to your backyard. Making your greenspace a welcoming place to relax and unwind offers the perfect chance to enjoy the outside from home. While simply adding some new lawn furniture and potted plants can be perfectly adequate changes, you could also consider larger updates like bringing in professional land grading services before starting a garden, building a deck, or extending your patio. Plus, with these types of improvements, you could easily see your home’s value increase!

Start Small — Be Kind to Yourself

While it’s important to live healthily, and it’s great that you want to turn things around, sudden sweeping changes in your lifestyle aren’t always best. That’s why it’s important to set small, reasonable goals and not be too hard on yourself. Outdoor hobbies are a great place to start because they encourage healthy coping mechanisms and get us out of our own heads for a while. While activities can be calming and leisurely, it’s also healthy to try new and scary things. A variety of outdoor pursuits both nourishes and challenges the mind and body.

Just Pray NO is taking a stance against drugs and proving that the power of prayer is still impacting lives around the world. We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email us at

Article Submitted by Dylan Wallace

PRAY NO to Drugs, Pornography, Gambling, Obesity and Smoking

The weekend of April 6 – April 7, 2013 has been designated as the 23rd Annual “Just Pray NO!” to drugs Worldwide Weekend of Prayer and Fasting. We are not only praying for the release of those bound by substance abuse but also for people to be delivered from pornography, gambling, obesity and smoking.

Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. James 5:16

Since April 7th, 1991 “Just Pray NO!” has united millions of Christians from 150 nations and territories around the world in intercessory prayer on behalf of the addicted and their families. Not only is substance abuse America’s number one health problem, the devastation of alcoholism and other drug addiction has impacted families and communities worldwide.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

Make a formal commitment to join with believers in Christ from around the globe this coming April. Put on the full armor of God and fervently pray in spirit and in truth. We are seeking to enlist millions of prayer warriors from around the world to join us in battle!

Is it your heart’s desire to see people delivered, healed and set free to serve the Lord Jesus Christ?

 Then click on the following link to learn how you, your church group or ministry can participate in our international prayer event: